Three main points of feed grinder overhaul

Firstly, the repair and change of sieve.
The sieve is processed by steel sheet punched holes through heat-treated. When the sieve with the wear or breakdown by the foreign matter. If the damaged area is not big,use riveting or soldering for remediation. If big area is damaged, the sieve should be replaced with a new one. Install the sieve, the side of sieve hole with burr inwards, smooth side outwards, the sieve and the sieve frame should fit tightly. To improve the effect of the grinder sieve discharging, the sieve installed in the acceleration region of grinding chamber, the opposite sieve aperture may increase φ0.5, the details according to the requirement of grinding fineness of raw materials to configure the sieve aperture.

Secondly, the lubrication and replacement of bearings.
Clean bearings when the grinder works every 300 hours. Use grease to lubricate bearings, add lubricating grease to fill  1 / 3  of the clearance of the bearing base is appropriate, the maximum is not more than 1 / 2, excess will cause the main bearing give off heat. Just tighten the cap-type oil cup lid a little before the operation. When the bearings of grinder are badly worn or damaged, replaced them immediately, replace the lubricant oil in the shell of bearing according to the requirement,the lubricant oil must stand up to high temperatures.
Thirdly, the inspection and replacement of hammer.
The grinder hammer is the wearing part for feed grinder and also an important part of affecting the grinding quality and productivity,the worn hammer should be replaced promptly.                                                                   
The grinder hammers are symmetrical groups.When the cusp of hammer is blunt, reverse the grinder and adjust the direction. If two corners of one end are all worn, should turn to another end. When adjustment or U-turn, all hammers should operate simultaneously. When full corners of hammers are all worn, all hammers should be replaced. Pay attention to the weight of two opposite hammers should be equal,the total weight of a group can't be more than 5 grams. After the installation of main shaft, hammer frame plate,position cover and pin shaft,should do the dynamic balance test to maintain rotor balance and prevent the unit vibrating. In addition, When the worn diameter of pin shaft is smaller 1 mm than the original size. When the worn round hole diameter of hammer frame plate is bigger 1 mm than the original size,please replace pin shaft promptly.

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