Drum Type Stabilizing Dryer

 SGWG120 Drum Type Stabilizing Dryer

Specialized for drying aqua-feed of high gelatinization and good water stability for shrimp, ell, turtle, etc.

High capacity and low energy consumption:
The straight tubes for steam aligned around the circle of barrel and the heat insulation design of return-steam inter layer deliver outstanding efficiency of heat/mass transfer, significantly boosting energy efficiency.Main components are made of high abrasion-resistance materials, ensuring continuous production and high efficiency.

Excellent sanitation ensures clean and safe operation:
The exterior barrel made of heat preservation material prevents the formation of condensate, and the main components that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, thus contributing to a high standard of hygiene.The state of the art rotary connector are adopted for sealing of steam adding pipeline, absolutely eliminate steam and liquid leakage.

Production flexibility thanks to optimized design:
Variable frequency dive allowing for efficient control of stabilizing time, and adjustable ventilator fans providing controllable moisture content, making it customized to satisfy the specific process and product needs.

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