FAQs (Animal Feed Machinery)

Mixer--Excess temperature of the gearbox.
(1)Poor lubrication; Replace the lubricating grease ;( 2) The bearing of the speed reducer is damage; Replace the bearing.
 Mixer--Abnormal noise in mixing chamber
(1)Iron impurities or stones inside the machine. Inner component parts fall off or broken; Stop machine to remove rigid foreign matters. Stop to check up, replace the parts (2) Paddles hit the wall; Polish the paddle.
Mixer--Material leakage at the discharging outlet
(1)Sealing strip is worn; Replace the sealing strip ;( 2) The sealing strip and door body are not compacted; Increase the adjusting washer, and compact the sealing strip.
Mixer--There was no signal when the discharging door is closed
The position of the limit switch is incorrect or has been cut off. Adjust the position of the limit switch and check the circuit.
Mixer--Discharging mechanism can work normally
Check the cylinder and air supply system for any malfunction and whether the pipe connection accord with the requirement.
 Mixer--Material leakage at the shaft end
(1)The packing is worn; Compress the packing or replace new packing ;( 2) The bottom cover and the rotor are not concentric; Adjust the bottom cover to be concentric with the rotor.
Extruder--Suddenly do not discharge the material after normal work.
(1)Too much feedstock in short time. Slow down the feeding speed. (2)Foreign matters block the discharge hole. Stop the machine and dismount to clean.
Extruder--Poor product forming
(1)Raw material formula is impropriety; Change the Raw material formula(2)Processing temperature is too high or too low; Reassemble the parts in the cylinder.(3)Material feeding is not uniform; Adjust until uniform feeding.(4)The moisture content is too high or too low. Reduce or increase the water adding amount or steam adding amount.(5)The blade is worn out; Replace the blade;(6)The size of the crushing particles is too big; Replace the sieving slice of the pulverize and improve the crushing fineness.
Extruder--Expanded soybean meal spray out in reversed direction when in the soybean process
(1)Feedstock is too fast and material discharging is not smoothly or clogged. Control the feeding rate and feeding amount, and readjust the distance between the discharging screw and taper screw at shaft end.(2)Screw head and pressure ring are assembled improperly. Reassemble after inspection and replace extrusion chamber;
Extruder--Output is decreased.
(1)Tapered pressure ring or wear ring are worn out; Replace the tapered pressure ring or wear ring.(2)Screw head is worn severely; Replace the screw head.
Pellet mill--The timing belt is damaged
The timing belt is offset. Readjust the timing belt. (2) The timing belt is too tight or too loose. Readjust the timing belt. (3) Timing belt polluted by grease or dirt. Clean grease or dust, and take prevention measures. (4)The timing belt provided by undesignated factory. Use the timing belt provided by designated factory. (5)Normal aging of timing belt replace with a new timing belt
Pellet mill--The ring die is broken when worn to a certain degree.
Foreign material in press die Perfect the cleaning of material(2) Ring die is too thin.; Use a thicker ring die with shoulder hole.(3) The fixing of ring die is failure Check whether the driving rim and the fixing bolts are locked firmly, and replace the driving rim if necessary.
Pellet mill--Load on pellet mill fluctuates unreasonably or the pellets quality is no uniform.
Steam supply is not enough or the pressure is changed. Check the steam pipelines. (2) Unstable feeding; Adjust the feeding speed.(3)Deflecting scraper is worn out resulting in uneven feeding; Replace the deflecting scraper.
Pellet mill--Pellet mill is clogged frequently.
(1)Deflecting scraper is worn out and feed mash is unevenly distributed into the ring die. Replace with a new deflecting scraper (2)The press roller is worn out; Replace with a new press roller.(3) More than one press roller get stuck; Check the press roller (4) The installation position of deflecting scraper is incorrect. Reassemble the deflecting scraper (5) The moisture content of the feed is too high. Reduce the moisture content.
Pellet Mill--The pellet mill is stopped during working
(1)The tension of the V-belt is not enough which makes the speed controller act on; Readjust the tension of the V-belt or check the pressure value on the pressure gauge of hydraulic system, reset the pressure value if necessary Take care when adjusting;(2)Parameter setting of the speed control instrument is unreasonable; Reset the parameter. (3)V-belt is worn partially or completely or broken; Replace the V-belt completely as a group instead of partially.(4)The main shaft is rotated due to overload or impurity blocked between press roller and ring die, which makes the limit switch released; Reset the main shaft and limit switch;(5)Insufficient pressure from anchor ear, or brake disc splashed with oil causing skid and making the main shaft rotate and the travel switch released; Reset the oil pressure of anchor ear or clean the brake disc(6)Circuit failure; Check the circuit.
Grinder--The feeding inlet regurgitates
(1)The conveying pipeline is clogged; Unhooked the clog.(2)The sieve mesh is clogged; Unhooked the sieve mesh or replace the sieve plate.(3)The rotating direction of the guiding plate is not accordance with that of the motor; Adjust the guiding plate direction or adjust the motor connection wire to change the phase;
Grinder--The bearing is too heat
(1)The centers of the main shaft and motor are not concentric; Adjust it to be concentric with the main shaft. (2)The lubricating grease is too much, too little or bad. Replace the lubricating grease and refuel it in accordance with the regulations. (3)The bearing is damage; Replace the new bearing. (4)The main shaft is bent and the motor is unbalance; Align the main shaft and balance the rotor. (5)Work overload for long term; Reduce the feeding amount.(6)The model of the selected lubricating grease is wrong, Choose the Lithium base molybdenum disulfide;
Grinder--Strong vibration when production
(1)Individual hammer is stuck and not thrown off; Make the hammer rotate flexibly.(2)The other parts of the motor are unbalance; Balance the rotor;(3)The installation and arrangement of the hammer are wrong; Reinstall it according to the hammer arrangement diagram.(4)The weight deviation of the corresponding two groups of hammers is too large; Readjust the hammers and make weight deviation of the corresponding two groups not exceed two gram.(5) Main shaft is bent; Align or replace a new shaft.(6)The bearing is damage; Replace the bearing.(7)Hammer and pin shaft are worn severely; Replace the whole set of new hammer and pin shaft.(8)There is no clearance between two half-couplings; Readjust the clearance within 35mm.(9)The couplings are not concentric; Readjust and make the deviation of the high and low not exceed 0.2 mm and the non-concentricity not exceed 1°.(10)The installation strength of the anchor is not enough; Reinforce the anchor;
Grinder--A significant reduction in the productivity.
 (1)The motor power is insufficient; Repair the motor;(2)The hammer is worn severely; Deflect the other end to use or replace new hammer.(3)The raw material is not fed evenly; Feed the material evenly.(4)The moisture content of feed is too high; Dry the material (5)Sieve mesh is not in accord with the requirement; Replace the sieve plate of the corresponding sieve mesh.(6) Auxiliary suction filter bag is clogged; Clean or replace the bag.(7)Aperture ratio of the sieve slice is low; Choose the sieve slice with high aperture ratio.

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