Fish-Meal Processing

Fish-meal Plant, Fish-meal Processing Machinery

We Agro Machinery world  may supply the complete Fish-meal Plant, Fish-meal Production Line, Fish-meal Processing Machinery, Compact Fish-meal Plant, and Packaged-fish meal Plant, including fish oil separating system and concentrating system. We have developed the fish meal plant to the capacity of 30T, 50T, 80T, 150T, 300T for both floating factory and land factory.
How to choose fish meal plant
We need know the detailed information about fish meal plant, it help us to optimize the scheme for the client:
1.What kind of fish? Lean fish, oily fish or other?
2. How many tons raw material to treat per day (24hours)?
3. Do the client need fish oil recovery system or not? Need fish oil concentrating and deodorizing system or not?
As a guideline, the breakeven point for most fish-meal plants is about 25% operation per year.
Buy the plant with 30-40% more capacity than your average daily supply of fish. Make sure that you during the high season can process 100% of you fish supply, even if you have to run 24 hours per day. Four tons of fish give about one ton of fish-meal. The freshness of fish and careful, low temperature drying is the key to good fish-meal, mix the fish with ice if you have to store the fish for a longer period of time.

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Fish-Meal Processing

The compact fish-meal plant is usually used on a fishing ship, so-called floating plant. The plant consists of cooker, press and dryer, three main machines. The liquid processing line is usually removed because they need a lot of space. The compact fish-meal plant is available from 30Ton to 100Ton raw material per 24hours.


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