Pellet Mill for Shrimp feed

MUZL X Series Pellet Mill

High-efficient pellet mill for shrimp feed  production.
➤Functional Conditioner
Novel multi-pass functional conditioner for long retention time. It consists of pre-conditioner for mixing material and steam intensively, keeper for long time heat preservation to promote gelatinization, breaker to further unify feed mash structure, and the last-pass conditioner to ensure consistent and uniform discharge.  

➤Superior pellet quality
Thanks to the functional conditioners, conditioning times are lengthened to more than 5mins, which contributes to sufficient mixing and gelatinization and resulting in hygienic and consistent good quality of shrimp feed. Pellet size ranging from Φ1.2mm to Φ2.5mm, Starch gelatinization ≥45%.

High output

Optimized feed-to-pellet deflector structure, widened ring die working area(+15~25%) to enable consistent high output and low energy consumption. 

Optional hydraulic system for die change and roller adjustment, quick and precise operation; auto-lubrication system and standard die & roller lifting device, saved labor; on-site touch screen control.

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