The influence of inferior ring die for pellet mill/খারাপ মানের রিং ডাই কিভাবে পেলেট মিলের উপর প্রভাব ফেলে:

With the rapid development of feed industry,feed enterprises has covered all over the world,the pellet feed has become the main products to promote the development of animal agriculture,meanwhile pellet mill is popular in domestic markets and sold best in international markets.
Currently,because of the popularity of feed enterprises and increase of pellet feed production, so inferior ring die produced by some small factories has flowed into markets,some feed production plants attracted by low price,but inferior ring die is rough processing, the useful life is short and the most important is shortcomings of the low copy accuracy,poor concentricity and big beating of ring die working surface. According to recent investigation from after-sale services office, the plants use non original ring die, parts will appear various degree of wear after pellet mill operates several months,high frequency of bearing wear and serious oil leakage of oil seal. The main engine often has malfunction,causing pellet mill operates unsteadily and low capacity. This is actually like the Shanzhai mobile phones in the market at present. Although the price is only one-third of brand mobile phones, but the radiation damage of minds is more than five times, reason is the same. Why use inferior ring die will shorten the useful life of pellet mill? There are many reasons for low cost-effective .
1. The inferior ring die is in pursuit of low price sales, so it has certain limitation  in the blank selection, it's impossible to use high quality material, only select low price inferior billet as raw material, the molecular structure of this billet is not tight, the tenacity can't reach the requirement,poor abrasion-resistant , the ring die made of this billet is with short useful life and easy to crack.Select such ring die, not only waste money input for replacing mould frequently,  to be worse is existing potential safety hazards in the production.

2. The rough processing equipment of inferior ring die ,it is impossible to solve the accuracy of inside and outside circle of ring die processing as us. At present, general ring die manufacturers in precise machining of ring die,most use old lathes, equipments are relatively old, the machining accuracy can't reach the requirement and ring die is imitative,major fitting face accuracy and finish size is difficult to ensure accuracy,like joint surface of ring die and encircled hoop. Only 0.1mm error,the encircled hoop doesn't hold ring die tightly, causing ring die to shake and rub when pellet mill operates at high speed, the encircled hoop and the hollow shaft drive wheel damaged at the same time, and the body of pellet mill appears vibration.
3. The die hole processing technology of pellet mill ring die is very particular, our ring die drilling hole equipment uses imported gun drilling, with the advantages of die holes are in order,hole wall is as smooth as the mirror and so on. But the inferior ring die holes are mostly made by manual operation of small drilling machine. Hole inner wall with rub is rough ,the compression ratios of ring die are in various shades, causing difficult discharging of ring die, block die and machine easily ,  increasing the consumption of electricity, the capacity is reduced, the appearance of  pellet is unsmooth, finished materials are uneven in length. Especially when pellet mill is blocked, the temperature of chamber increases rapidly because of ring die extrusion. The pressure roller and main shaft bearing is easily burned out, increase the working load and quicken the wear of big and small gear of pellet mill.
4.Quenching technology is an important part of the ring die manufacture, our ring die quenching technology is very particular, all use USA vacuum quenching furnace and Japan multi-purpose quenching furnace. Currently small ring die plants are difficult to have such advanced equipment,generally use the indigenous method of pit quenching furnace, this device doesn’t control the quenching temperature of ring die automatically, causing the hardness of ring die outside and inside after quenching is inconsistent, moreover the deformation coefficient is big, ring die  loses roundness easily. Pellet mill uses this ring die,the pressure roller can  impact on the ring die frequently in the operation, causing the shaking noise of pellet mill to increase, also is the important factor of the damage of main shaft and race rotation,once the bearings of main shaft and hollow shaft are damaged or  run inner and outer rings, the main shaft and hollow shaft may be scrapped,if the bearing bore of main engine case is worn , not only cause pellet mill to operate powerlessly, the output decreased significantly, but also cause pellet mill      can’t operate normally.

5.The processing of inferior ring die is mostly imitative, the machining accuracy is uncontrollable, in addition, error accumulation in all respects. Use this ring die in long-term, seriously affect pellet mill operate normally. Pellet mill can't  reach the purposes of safety, high output and low consumption at all. Count the account carefully, although the price of inferior ring die is cheap, spare parts and bearing replaced frequently,the output decreased,the electricity consumption increase and the waste of manpower affects economic benefits of the enterprises. To make your pellet mill in the feed production achieve the purpose of high quality, high output, low electricity consumption and production safety. Bring the pellet mill efficiency of work into full play, it is the best to use high quality standard ring die of us original.

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