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After 20 years’ development AGRO MACHINERY WORLD has grown into a leading global machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the whole supply chain of agro-business.
We are aware that the overall operation in the agro-business is being fully upgraded, the future operation will be healthier, safer, more environmental friendly, energy saving, intelligent and efficient. Therefore, we are constantly evolving. As the customer's demand increases, we aim to serve the industrial chain and provide integrated solutions from farm to table. We are committed to provide one stop services including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade to our customers in the fields of feed milling, animal farming, oil seed and food processing.

AGRO MACHINERY WORLD, integrated solution provider:

We provide integrated solutions-

We explore and deliver the most valuable solutions for our customers. A project is not the simple combination of different products, but a whole system with different parts match together. Similar to the car, only when the engine and the other parts match together can the car be more energy saving, environmental friendly and more efficient. We start with customer's actual demand and take a comprehensive view of the project. We build up the system, equip with the most suitable facilities, and complete the delivery from consultation, design and operation.

Comprehensive and rich products- 

Our products cover agricultural machinery, grain storage and logistics, feed milling, animal farming, food, oil seed and biomass processing. Over the past decades, AGROMACHINERY WORLD has accumulated rich experience in the agro-business Therefore, we can do more and better for you Never stop pursuing excellence- Our pursuit of excellence is not only about the quality control of each machine, but also the execution of system standard for the whole project. By introducing the world leading processing equipment, we ensure the accurate manufacturing of every single component. All the products delivered have been certified by CE standard. By carrying out Flawless Project Delivery (FPD), we meet customer's demand and ensure the perfect execution throughout each project.

Global network support- 

We serve our global customers and win support by utilizing global technology. We have cooperated with different enterprises in the world by means of annexation, reorganization and conformity. Meanwhile, we make use of the resources worldwide, obtain key patents and maintain our leading position in the world. We share these technologies with our customers. AGROMACHINERY WORLD has 10 marketing platforms, and nearly 8 subsidiaries and branches in the world, and provide faster and better services and supports to our customers.

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