Operation and Usage of Wet Extruder(2)

A. Adjustment of Wet Extruder:

1. Adjustment of main motor belt tensioning degree:Operator should adjust the motor if the main motor’s belt is too tight or too loose; the method is to tighten or loosen the screw nuts.
2. Adjustment of conditioner belt: Operator needs to simply twist the screw nut of the bolt on the motor base plate to make the motor towards or away from the conditioner when the conditioner belt is too tight or too loose.

B. Service Conditions of Wet Extruder
1. Extruder should be installed in buildings or open shed; environment temperature is 5℃~40℃.
2. Process technology should match the equipments in the extruding line.
3. Working voltage should be stable and deviation is less than ± 5%.
4. Supplied steam pressure and temperature should meet the requirements of the specification.
5. The fineness of materials must meet the following standard: die hole φ2.0~φ2.5, 95% of materials over 100 mesh sieve, 100% over 80mesh sieve; die hole φ3.0~φ3.5, 95% of materials over 80 mesh sieve, 100% over 60 mesh sieve; die hole over φ3.5, 100% materials over 60 mesh sieve. Extruder cannot be boot up if it fails to meet such requirements.

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