How to use and maintain pellet mill properly?
Pellet mill

Pellet mills are the main equipment in manufacturing process for feed plants, or hearts of feed plants, the right use of pellet mill affects feed plants' economic benefit directly,so how to use and maintain pellet mills is a big task of feed plants improving the production efficiency.
Our pellet mills with gear drive structure, having advantages of long useful life,high output and low energy consumption,becoming the preferential option of feed plants. But good equipment also need right use and careful maintenance.Some of our client using 420 pellet mill which has operated 3 years continuously,every day 24 hours production, never happen malfunction.They said they maintain pellet mills like their children.They formulated a whole set of operating rules and maintenance system about pellet mills. Careful maintenance for pellet mills, reducing hidden danger of having faults,lengthening the useful life,decreasing maintaining expenses and increasing benefits for enterprises.The followings are some points for attention in the operation:                                   
1. Add oil to the transmission parts at regular time,add lubricating oil to pressure roller every two hours,add lubricating oil to front bearing of main shaft every four hours,ensure transmission parts of pellet mill run flexibly,reducing workload.
2. Change the lubricating oil of gear case at regular time,new pellet mills change oil after half a month operation,change oil every 1000 hours of continual operation later on,lengthen the useful life of gear case.                                          
3. Every week,check all connected parts are loose or not carefully,the stroke switch operates reliably,meanwhile,clean screw conveyor and conditioner,avoid occurring mechanical problems.                                                              
4. Half a month, check the wear situation of driving key,pressure die lining and encircling hoop,change them in time when the wear is discovered,avoid ring die shaking to affect quality.                                                            
5. Use high quality ring die and pressure roller.Prohibit using inferior ring die with the lose of roundness and coarse inner bore,select compression ratio according to different formulas,ensure smooth discharging,avoid increasing electricity consumption and reducing capacity.                                            
6. Adjust the clearance between ring die and pressure roller every shift.When pellet mill is blocked,must ease off pressure roller, clear material in inner wall of ring die, adjust the clearance between ring die and pressure roller again, absolutely can't start forcibly, avoid the transmission parts and bearing guard damaged by suffering violent vibration.                                                              
7. Prohibit overload production. In the manufacturing process, can't exceed pellet mill can withstand the producing capacity, otherwise motor damaged and accelerated wear of parts, shorten the useful life of pellet mill.                                
8. Iron and sundries have been removed from raw material,clean iron removal device every shift,avoid foreign matter entering the working chamber to cause pellet mill body vibration and ring die cracking.
Right operation and maintenance at ordinary times is the key for lengthening the operating life of pellet mills,so strengthen management of equipment at ordinary times,the enterprise benefits will increase significantly.

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