Single Screw Extruder

Single-Screw Extruder

High-efficient extruder for aquafeed, food, pet food and raw material treatment.

  • Simple operation
Leading extrusion technology and intelligent control; by-pass for avoiding blockage; simple operation, precise and reliable.
  • High efficiency
DDC conditioner and optimal modular extruder screw & chamber, minimum Specific Mechanical Energy (SME) input; recoverable thermal energy, maximum energy utilization; unique suspending cutter, replacement and adjustment without downtime.
  • Wide production range
Controllable temperature, pressure and density thanks to modularized design and many add-ons, minimizing reconfiguration acquired.
  • Satisfying product quality
Uniform extruded pellets with high fat absorption, unique visual appearance, environmental friendly and sustainable.


Green Bangla said...

How much the idea price for 5TH sinking fish feed line with auto dozing?

Agro Machinery World said...

The price will be around 4.2 Lac US Dollar,Including electric control panel.
If need any more question please call +8801731276495 or email:

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